Force Field Analysis

Course: IDTE 563 – Organizational Leadership for Instructional Design

AECT Standard 3: Learning Environments:

Indicator: Managing – Candidates establish mechanisms for maintaining the technology infrastructure to improve learning and performance. 

Assignment Overview:

Choose a previous change with which you were associated, a planned change in your organization, or a change you think is needed in your organization.  Develop a chart that shows the driving forces and restraining forces that impacted or will impact this change. Within the chart, use colors or any other method of identification to show (1) the forces over which you have some control and those which are out of your control, (2) areas that you think will need conflict management, and (3) any technology infrastructure that needs to be maintained. Please choose a change for which the analysis will be useful to you in the future.

My chart is from a church consulting client that I worked with a few years ago to implement a Church Management Software (ChMS) system.

force field analysis chart