Adobe Captivate 2019 DO Project

Project: Create a DO activity.

Class: Issues & Trends in Instructional Design

AECT Standard 3 (Learning Environments): Candidates facilitate learning by creating, using, evaluating, and managing effective learning environments.

AECT Standard 3.1: Creating – Candidates create instructional design products based on learning principles and research-based best practices.

Tool: Adobe Captivate 2019

Project Title: XYZ Non Profit Employee Training

The purpose of this project is to train employees how to select the best communication tool in a given scenario.

For this project, I chose to create a project outside of the academic world. My DO activity would serve as a part of an employee training module for a fictional non profit. The employee would have learned the different technology tools and when to use them in the ABSORB section. In a full lesson, this scenario would occur immediately following a corresponding learning section. Now, the employee is given the opportunity to practice their new skills.

The DO activity is a simple scenario interaction. The learner reviews an example communication situation and selects the best communication tool from three options. Each option includes a feedback slide. Incorrect slides prompt the learner to try again. (As you review the project, try each option to test how the Try Again function works.)

The biggest challenge for this project was designing an activity to fit the slide limit. In a full course, I would include a few additional slides to serve as a “review the tools” resource. The learner could click a learn more link and access a short summary of the communication tool.

One of the most helpful sections in our textbook is the job aid provided on page 162. Using the chart format, it’s easy to take the objective and match it to an appropriate DO activity. Because my project is a decide objective, the scenario is a perfect task for the learners.

*Absorb, Do, and Connect refers to activity types from E-LEARNING BY DESIGN by William Horton. 

Definition – If Absorb activities are the nouns, then Do activities are the verbs of learning. They put people in action. They elevate learning from passive reading and watching to active seeking, selecting, and creating knowledge (Horton, 2012).

DO Activities include: Practice, Discovery, and Playing Games.