Project Title: AED Procedures Job Aid

The purpose of this project is to serve as a job aid for first responders and medical professionals.

Authoring Tool: Adobe Captivate 2019

Individuals learn the basic principles of an AED in their training programs; however, a job aid will help the first responders in a crisis situation. My goal was to create a responsive project that the user could access on any device. This extends the usefulness of the job aid into the real-world situations medical professionals face each day.

The job aid includes click-to-reveal designed pages that are accessible from the home screen using an app style button. The user can select “Normal Operation” or “Special Situations” and access the content. A fluid-box designed Glossary is also accessible from the home screen icon.

The biggest challenge was keeping the content concise. A job aid typically includes just enough text and graphics to spur the memory instead of the amount of content found in a full-blown learning module.

I selected the job aid as my connect activity because I wanted to continue exploring e-learning options that I have little experience using. Before I began this project, I lumped anything that resembled a job aid into the category of a tutorial or similar micro-learning module. But now I realize the potential that a job aid has to both corporate and educational instructional design.

I also learned new skills in Adobe Captivate 2019. I have used the click-and-reveal tools, but this is my first attempt at using fluid boxes. It was a little tricky at first, but I was able to learn rather quickly.


*Absorb, Do, and Connect refers to activity types from E-LEARNING BY DESIGN by William Horton.