Adobe Captivate 2019 CONNECT Project

Project: Create a CONNECT activity. 

Class: Issues & Trends in Instructional Design

AECT Standard 4 (Professional Knowledge and Skills): Candidates design, develop, implement, and evaluate technology-rich learning environments within a supportive community of practice.

AECT Standard 4.1: Collaborative Practice – Candidates collaborate with their peers to develop and design instruction.

Tool: Adobe Captivate 2019

Project Title: AED Procedures Job Aid

The purpose of this project is to serve as a job aid for first responders and medical professionals.

Authoring Tool: Adobe Captivate 2019

Individuals learn the basic principles of an AED in their training programs; however, a job aid will help the first responders in a crisis situation. My goal was to create a responsive project that the user could access on any device. This extends the usefulness of the job aid into the real-world situations medical professionals face each day.

The job aid includes click-to-reveal designed pages that are accessible from the home screen using an app style button. The user can select “Normal Operation” or “Special Situations” and access the content. A fluid-box designed Glossary is also accessible from the home screen icon.

The biggest challenge was keeping the content concise. A job aid typically includes just enough text and graphics to spur the memory instead of the amount of content found in a full-blown learning module.

I selected the job aid as my connect activity because I wanted to continue exploring e-learning options that I have little experience using. Before I began this project, I lumped anything that resembled a job aid into the category of a tutorial or similar micro-learning module. But now I realize the potential that a job aid has to both corporate and educational instructional design.

I also learned new skills in Adobe Captivate 2019. I have used the click-and-reveal tools, but this is my first attempt at using fluid boxes. It was a little tricky at first, but I was able to learn rather quickly.


*Absorb, Do, and Connect refers to activity types from E-LEARNING BY DESIGN by William Horton. 

Connect activities help learners close the gap between learning and the rest of their lives. They prepare learners to apply learning in situations they encounter at work, in later learning efforts, and in their personal lives. If Absorb activities are the nouns and Do activities the verbs, then Connect activities are the conjunctions of learning (Horton, 2012).