Adherence to professional standards is our priority



We hold ourselves to the following professional standards.

  • Act with integrity in all matters, being honest with our clients and true to ourselves.
  • Strive for increased self-knowledge and personal growth on a continual basis.
  • Strive to achieve and maintain a professional level of competence for ourselves through continuing education and evaluation, 
  • Render services as advertised and make accurate and factual public statements, avoiding exaggerated claims in promotion or advertising.
  • Work actively for ethical practices by individuals and organizations.
  • Act in ways that bring credit to the learning profession, with due respect and regard for colleagues in other professions and fields.
  • Perform duties with sensitivity to the fact that our recommendations and actions may alter the lives and well-being of staff, volunteers, learners, and the population served by our clients and the larger systems within which we operate.
  • Be aware, at all times, of the cultural filters that may affect our view of the world.
  • Respect cultures different from our own, and be sensitive to cross-cultural and multi-cultural differences and their implications

In our working relationship with clients, we agree to:

  • Recognize potential conflicts of interest or perceptions of conflict of interest, and disclose or resolve them.
  • Deal constructively with conflicts of interest encountered within client relationships.
  • Be timely in responding to requests for consultation and in clarifying the role, responsibility, and development of a work agreement with clients.
  • Accept responsibility for the consequences of our acts and make reasonable efforts to ensure that our services are properly used, including termination of services if they are not being properly used.
  • Practice within the limits of their competence and experience in providing knowledge and using various techniques.
  • Serve the long-term interest of our clients, even when the work to be done has a short-term focus.
  • Protect the confidentiality of information given in the professional consultant-client relationship.
  • Seek feedback and evaluation from our clients, both during the course of service and after the contract has been concluded.
  • Avoid personal, sexual, or other inappropriate relationships with client board, staff, or volunteers while we are actively in service with them.
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