AECT Standards and Artifacts

IDTE551 – Instructional Design I


ADDIE Presentation

IDTE550 – Foundations of Instructional Design1.2Study Cards Using Quizlet
IDTE553 – Instructional Design II1.3Review an eLearning Instructional Module Discussion
IDTE575 – Issues and Trends in IDTE1.4Microlearning Lesson
IDTE575 – Issues and Trends in IDTE1.5Proposal for AR/VR/AI
IDTE553 – Instructional Design II2.1eLearning Module Proposal
IDTE550 – Foundations of Instructional Design2.2Bloom’s Taxonomy Instructional Aid Assignment
IDTE566 – Assessment/Evaluation in the Design Process2.3Learner Assessment
IDTE551 – Instructional Design I2.4Design Plan
IDTE551 – Instructional Design I2.5SAMR Project
IDTE575 – Issues and Trends in IDTE3.1Educational Game
IDTE570 – E-Learning3.2Do Assignment
IDTE551 – Instructional Design I3.3Needs Analysis
IDTE550 – Foundations of Instructional Design3.4Choosing Appropriate Tools Assignment
IDTE550 – Foundations of Instructional Design3.5Accessibility Discussion
IDTE570 – E-Learning3.6Absorb Assignment
IDTE556 – Designing Multimedia for Instruction4.1Why are Storyboards Important?
IDTE563 – Organizational Leadership4.2Team Room Project
IDTE563 – Organizational Leadership4.3Final Project Report
IDTE566 – Assessment/Evaluation in the Design Process4.4Table of Specifications
IDTE563 – Organizational Leadership4.5Organizational Dynamics Assignment (Engagement Plan)
IDTE518 – Research Methods5.1Research Proposal Final Paper
IDTE518 – Research Methods5.2Research Proposal Presentation
IDTE566 – Assessment/Evaluation in the Design Process5.3Final Assessment Project
IDTE518 – Research Methods5.4Methods/Procedures sections of research proposal

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